Donald Trump Secures Even More Political Power

Donald Trump is once again sucking all the political oxygen out of the room. Trump appeared in a CNN-sponsored town hall setting in New Hampshire on May 10.

Trump showed no physical indication that his defamation case with writer E. Jean Carrol was settled the previous day.

Despite his legal issues, Trump continues to lead the GOP in potential Primary Polls. Each adversity that befalls Trump seems to energize his base, and his poll numbers increase.

Trump’s appearance at the CNN New Hampshire town hall is not by coincidence. New Hampshire is often the bell weather state where history shows that if you win there, it’s a positive indication you’ll do well in the rest of the primaries. 

Trump has several legal challenges ahead of him in the coming months. New York DA Alvin Bragg has at least 34 charges against him for improper accounting practices. He may also face charges for having classified documents at his Mar-a Logo Florida estate.

Liberals wonder why the Republican Party, which espouses law and order, family values, American pride, and American greatness, would have Trump as their poster child.

Trump was his usual best with his patented nicknames calling plaintive E. Jean Carrol a “whack job,” “crazy Nancy Pelosi,” and Florida governor Ron “DeSanctimonious.” 

The crowd also seemed appreciative when Trump indicated he might pardon many of those jailed on January 6.

The audience was composed of GOP voters and Independents who indicated they would vote Republican in the New Hampshire primary and laughed and clapped at the ex-president’s popular shtick.

Kaitlan Collins was the CNN point person hosting the event. Collins and Trump have battled each other when she was a White House reporter during Trump’s presidency. The audience roared with approval when he called her a “nasty person.”

When questioned about the debt limit, Trump felt Republicans should hold their ground to stop the rampant deficit spending of the Biden Administration. 

Collin interrupted Trump numerous times to question his facts and what she deemed untruths, but Trump continued to make his political points.

In the days ahead, polls will demonstrate whether this town hall helped or hurt former President Trump.