Donald Trump Asks Fox News Owner To Back 2020 Fraud Claims

In light of Dominion Voting Systems’ $1.6 billion libel lawsuit involving Fox News and its parent business, former President Trump urged Rupert Murdoch to support the truth regarding the presidential election in 2020 

On Truth Social, Trump warned Fox News that they risk severe consequences if they fail to report the truth about electoral fraud in 2020. Just be honest, Trump posted on his post to Murdoch.  

According to a report, the 2020 election result, as well as Dominion Voting systems, were at the center of a $1.6 billion slander lawsuit filed against Fox News by Dominion.  This week, a $787 million lawsuit settlement between Dominion and Fox was announced.

Yet, as the report suggests, the defendant and the plaintiff had politically similar motivations.  

The report suggests that following its ideology, Fox News aimed to establish Biden’s 2020 election triumph as irrefutable, taking the same stance as Dominion.  This story is now available to U.S. corporate news outlets thanks to the settlement. This is the same corporate media that unaccountably promoted the false claim of a connection between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Meanwhile, reports out of Tarrant County, Texas, Elections Administrator Heider Garcia has filed his notice of resignation.

Garcia’s resignation follows problems with processing mail-in votes in the  2020 election, which plagued Tarrant County with delays and doubts regarding the correctness of the results.  

Over 20,000 of the projected 60,000 mail-in votes had issues with being interpreted by the tabulators. The ballots submitted by mail were produced by the same Arizona business, Runbeck Printing, that had the same problems with ballots for the 2020 and 2022 midterm elections in Maricopa County.

According to reports, Tarrant County recruited the former Smartmatic CEO in 2018, and he presided over the county’s 2020 general election.

After a 56-year drought, Tarrant County chose a Democrat for president.