DOJ Accused In “Shaman” Case 

( Jacob Chansley’s new lawyer William Shipley appeared on Fox’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Friday where he revealed that the surveillance footage of his client shown on Carlson’s show last Monday was not available to Chansley’s first attorney, Albert Watkins, at the time Watkins urged Chansley to take a plea deal. 

Last Monday, Carlson aired clips from the Capitol surveillance footage showing Capitol Police officers escorting Chansley, the so-called “Q-Anon Shaman” through the building without incident. 

In one clip, the officers are seen trying locked doors to let Chansley inside. Another clip showed at least nine Capitol Hill Police officers in close proximity to Chansley as he wandered through the building, and none of them attempted to stop or arrest him.  

Chansley was subsequently arrested and in September 2021, pleaded guilty to unlawfully obstructing an official proceeding. The five other charges against him were dropped as part of the plea agreement reached by Albert Watkins. In November 2021, Judge Royce Lamberth sentenced Chansley to 41 months in prison. 

While appearing on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” William Shipley explained that his client is now in a difficult situation thanks to Albert Watkins. He said Watkins talked Chansley into signing a “terrible” plea deal that waived Chansley’s right to appeal. 

Calling the plea agreement “unconscionable,” Shipley said it was wrong for Watkins to work out a plea agreement before federal prosecutors were “even willing to say” they had “produced” the relevant surveillance footage. 

According to Shipley, a month before Chansley pleaded guilty, prosecutors were telling judges overseeing Jan. 6 cases that they hadn’t been able to provide defense attorneys with all the evidence. Prosecutors were requesting trial dates be delayed to give them time to produce the evidence, Shipley explained. 

When Carlson asked if anything could be done to get Chansley out of prison in light of the surveillance video shown on Monday, Shipley said the solution was not an easy one. He told Tucker that he would have to be creative to get Chansley’s case back before Judge Lamberth. He added that Judge Lamberth may not be happy to learn that federal prosecutors hadn’t presented all of the surveillance footage before arranging the plea deal with Watkins.