Doctor Found Dead In Lake In Mystery Incident

After finishing a hospital shift in the 3,100-person hamlet of Cassville, Missouri, Forsyth vanished on May 21. The enigmatic message, which has raised more concerns than it has provided answers, seems consistent with the reclusive personality of the eccentric ER doctor, whose unusual end is reminiscent of a scene from the Netflix crime drama “Ozark.”

Aside from a puzzling statement from law enforcement, the family of murdered Missouri ER doctor and crypto-millionaire John Forsyth claims they have been fully “kept in the dark.” 

Richard Forsyth, Forsyth’s brother, said that the Missouri state police told them they knew more than they thought. 

Nine days after missing, the doctor’s body with a gunshot wound was discovered floating in an Arkansas lake in the Ozarks. According to the family, the doctor had previously warned them that he “might be in danger.” Richard claims that despite spending two hours interviewing him on Tuesday, the investigators withheld any information.

The murdered doctor’s fiancée, a nurse he worked with, is eight months along in the delivery of the couple’s first child. Most of his relatives were unaware of his engagement, and none had seen the woman before his disappearance on May 21.

According to court documents, his and his ex-wife’s divorce was completed in May with an order for him to pay $19,000 a month in alimony and child support, which he did not fight. Seven of the eight children the devoted father and his ex-wife share are his.

Forsyth, who frequently put in 80 hours per week, finished his 12-hour shift at Mercy Hospital on May 21.

Around 7 a.m., he texted his fiance, saying that he would see her in “a little bit.” 

Security footage showed him walking approach his expensive recreational vehicle, a Thor Motor Coach Challenger with a base price of $260,000.

Forsyth spent his grueling stints in the RV while living more than an hour away.

According to Lombard, at 7:12 a.m., a dark automobile was seen on shaky surveillance tape turning into the parking area of the Cassville Aquatic Centre, approximately a mile from the hospital. Three minutes later, a white SUV approached the automobile and backed away.

About ten to fifteen minutes later, a man the police believe to be Forsyth may be seen strolling.

He was scheduled to return to the hospital at 7 p.m. but never did.

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