DNC Plans To Troll GOP Debate

The Democratic National Committee is apparently not going to allow the Republican Party to control the narrative about the country on Wednesday night.

Media outlet The Hill reported that the DNC plans to engage in a nasty trolling effort on the GOP while the first Republican primary presidential debate is going on Wednesday in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

According to a spokesperson for the DNC, the plan is to fly an airplane around the Milwaukee debate venue that will pull a banner that attacks the “Make America Great Again” movement.

The text on the banner will be “GOP 2024: A Race for the Extreme MAGA Base.”

As Republican presidential hopefuls take the debate stage for the first time on Wednesday night, the DNC is planning an aggressive blitz in the media to counter everything that they believe will be said to the nation. The re-election campaign for President Joe Biden also has plans for a media blitz in response to the GOP debates.

Ironically, while the messaging will target the MAGA base, as the DNC spokesperson confirmed, the person at the center of that movement won’t even be at the debates.

Former President Donald Trump announced last weekend that he won’t be attending the first GOP debate on Wednesday, and hinted that he might not attend any of the primary debates. He cited his huge lead in polls as a reason for not showing up to the debates.

Instead, Trump plans to air a pre-recorded interview with former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson on his new show that airs on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter.

In addition to the plane flying a banner Wednesday night, the DNC will be starting a campaign of billboard ads, with three such ads being posted around the Fiserv Forum, which will host the GOP debates. The DNC has also hired a mobile billboard vehicle that will drive around the venue over and over again, with messages posted on it that will highlight the record of the Republican Party – at least in the eyes of liberals.

Cedric Redmond, the co-chair of Biden’s re-election campaign, and Jaime Harrison, the chair of the DNC, also have plans to hold a press conference in an attempt to counter the messaging that happens during the GOP debate. Biden’s campaign also will organize “an aggressive war room” that will rapidly respond to what’s being said at the GOP debate, with the liberals’ version of the story.

With Biden as the incumbent – and no real challenger emerging to run against him – Democrats are doing everything in their power to claim a slice of the national attention while GOP candidates duke it out on the national stage. The heated primary for the Republican Party will draw a lot of attention to conservatives, which is something liberals are obviously worried about.

That’s why they’re coming up with creative ways to try to counter whatever the GOP candidates are saying, and get noticed as much as possible.