Disabled Boy Could Be Permanently Blinded After Drain Powder Attack

An autistic 18-year-old from Texas had powdered drain cleaner thrown into his eyes by a supposed friend, leaving him possibly permanently blind.

On Friday, 17-year-old Branden Jolly appeared before a judge for the first time, and the judge set bond at $300,000.

As autistic Brody Morgan walked about his Friendswood neighborhood, Jolly tossed what proved to be a drain de-clogger.

According to Morgan’s mom Amy, she thought her kid had salt in his eyes when he came home screaming. Despite her best efforts to rinse his eyes with water, Amy Morgan saw her child’s eyes turning black.

According to Brody Morgan, one of the teens pulled a porch pirate robbery and stole a package from a neighbor’s house.

The lads didn’t know what the powder was when they opened the looted box.

The chemicals were first poured on Brody Morgan’s clothing by Jolly, according to court records. Jolly threw the powder back at Brody as he attempted to push him away.

Doctors were able to ascertain that it was drain cleaner.

Because Morgan is autistic, Jolly is facing charges of endangering a disabled person. A condition of his bond that the prosecutors insisted be included was home detention, but he managed to avoid it.

In a statement, the family expressed their sympathies with Morgan while steadfastly defending Branden’s innocence.

Nonetheless, the third unnamed kid who was there at the time said authorities that Jolly tossed the poison on purpose.

Amy Morgan said the other two lads should have known better, and she clarified that she would prefer not to see Jolly’s life utterly destroyed because of this.

According to court records, the package plainly displayed the product’s identity as a drain cleaner.

Brody Morgan’s parents have informed us that he is now in a burn unit and faces the possibility of lifelong visual loss.