DeSantis Makes Israel And Ukraine Intentions Clear

In a recent CNN town hall, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis expressed his preference for allocating US tax dollars to support Israel in its conflict with Hamas over Ukraine’s war against Russia. DeSantis emphasized the strong alliance between the US and Israel, stating that they have a unique relationship and that Israel requires the support of the United States.

DeSantis argued that Ukraine has the backing of European countries and should rely on them for assistance. He urged these European nations to fulfill their NATO obligations and strengthen their defense capabilities to counter the threat posed by Russia. According to DeSantis, Russia is a danger to Europe, and these countries must rise to the occasion and equip themselves to aid Ukraine in containing Russia.

The governor also highlighted the impact of recent Hamas attacks on Israel, emphasizing the significance of the relationship between Florida and Israel due to the frequent travel between the two.

Regarding financial aid to Ukraine, DeSantis supported the approach taken by Republicans in Congress. He prioritized defending the United States’ borders before allocating funds to other countries worldwide. DeSantis questioned the allocation of tens of billions of tax dollars to subsidize farming, small businesses, and bureaucratic expenses in Ukraine, suggesting that these funds could be better utilized for pressing domestic issues, such as supporting veterans.

DeSantis’s remarks came after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s visit to Washington to request increased US financial support. However, Republicans are withholding supplemental aid until they secure enhanced oversight, a clear definition of Ukraine’s war objectives, and changes to immigration policies.

The governor also raised concerns about open borders and their potential threats to national security. He argued that the focus should be on addressing problems within the United States that directly impact American citizens rather than diverting attention and resources overseas.

DeSantis criticized the DC elites for neglecting the issues faced by the American people, suggesting that their detachment from these problems is problematic. He emphasized the importance of taking care of one’s own house first and ensuring that American citizens’ concerns are prioritized.

Overall, DeSantis’s remarks underscore his belief in prioritizing support for Israel over Ukraine and his emphasis on addressing domestic issues before allocating funds abroad.