Democrat PAC Shelling Out Millions To Replace Santos

A prominent organization dedicated to endorsing Democratic candidates for the House has allocated over $5 million for an advertising campaign in the district formerly represented by George Santos, a Republican from New York. As the upcoming special election approaches, the House Majority PAC revealed its plan to invest $5.2 million in digital and television advertisements and allocate $700,000 for a comprehensive mailing program targeting the district.

Mike Smith, President of the House Majority PAC, affirmed their dedication to regaining control of the House in 2024 through a series of strategic initiatives. Smith declared, “Through these initial television and digital reservations and mail program, House Majority PAC is signaling our unwavering commitment to employ every necessary measure to regain control of the House in 2024 — and NY-03 presents the opportunity to achieve that goal.”

The primary focus of the advertisements will be to endorse Tom Suozzi, a former Democratic representative from New York. Suozzi will run against the Republican nominee, Mazi Melesa Philip, a Nassau County legislator. Suozzi previously served as the district’s representative in Congress before Santos. However, he did not seek reelection in 2022; instead, he opted to run for the governorship of New York.

Smith highlighted Suozzi’s attributes, portraying him as a determined individual with a demonstrated history of cutting costs, bolstering law enforcement, and fostering bipartisan collaboration for tangible outcomes. Smith remarked, “Tom Suozzi is a fighter with a proven track record of law enforcement strengthening, cost reduction, and effective bipartisan cooperation. House Majority PAC eagerly anticipates turning NY-03 into a Democratic stronghold.”

The House of Representatives recently passed a resolution to expel Santos following a damning ethics report that accused him of misusing campaign funds for personal purposes. The decision to remove him underscores the importance of the upcoming special election in determining the district’s future representation.

The House Majority PAC’s substantial investment in advertising for the NY-03 district highlights the significance of this race in their broader goal of regaining control of the House. The strategic allocation of resources demonstrates their determination and commitment to supporting Suozzi’s campaign and ensuring a victory for the Democratic Party in the upcoming special election.