Democrat Insiders Admit It’s ‘Too Late’ To Dump Biden

While many Democrats have expressed their displeasure with President Joe Biden as their party’s leader, it appears to some as though he’s the only shot the liberals have of actually defeating former President Donald Trump at the polls.

Even though Biden has claimed that “probably 50” liberal politicians could defeat Trump in next year’s presidential elections, some of the party’s operatives have said the president is their party’s only hope.

One of these operatives recently spoke to the Washington Examiner, saying:

“If it isn’t Biden, we lose. It’s just flat-out too late to jump ship, simple as that.”

Trump is currently ahead of Biden in most polls. And while it’s still early and a lot can change between now and next November, there are many bad signs for the president’s re-election bid.
One is that he’s trailing in just about every swing state, which could spell doom for Biden’s chances. What’s more, Biden’s approval ratings continue to sink to new lows each month, as more and more failures are reported.

That’s why some Democrats have floated the idea that someone else should step up and replace Biden as the party’s top presidential candidate — as they fear Biden has no shot to defeat Trump again.

Despite those feelings, it appears as if that’s just not a realistic possibility at this point in the game.

Another operative for the Democratic Party commented to the Washington Examiner about the possibility of Biden stepping aside for another candidate:

“It’s an interesting thought experiment, and one that very possibly previews our party heading into 2028, but this just isn’t going to happen. President Biden will be our nominee, and I expect the full party, regardless of disagreements about Israel, to rally around him to defeat Trump.”

Democrats need to rally around Biden and support him in a big way headed into the presidential election next year. If they don’t, it’s very likely that Trump will defeat Biden, just as he defeated Hillary Clinton back in 2016.

As a third operative for the Democratic Party commented to the Washington Examiner:

“Biden will be the nominee because we’ve seen this story before. We saw what happened in 2016 when some people weren’t jazzed about Secretary Clinton, and that let Trump walk in the front door of the White House. We won’t make that mistake again.”

Political pundits have floated names such as New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, California Representative Ro Khanna, California Governor Gavin Newsom, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Minnesota Representative Dean Phillips, Vice President Kamala Harris and even former First Lady Michelle Obama as potential step-ins for Biden, should he choose not to run.

However, Republicans don’t seem very afraid of any of those potential candidates. In addition, many of those names have ruled out the possibility that they would run in 2024, with some apparently hoping to wait out the Biden-Trump rivalry for a run in a future presidential election.