Democrat Claims Hunter’s Plea Deal Fell Through Because Of Trump

New York Democrat Representative Daniel Goldman said on CNN’s “State of the Union” that Hunter Biden’s plea bargain fell through because of fears that Donald Trump would use the Department of Justice for political reasons if elected president.

Reporter Jake Tapper said that Republicans in the House and ex-Congressman Will Hurd had said something along those lines. They said that despite being a Trump nominee, U.S. Attorney Weissw authorized a lenient bargain called a “slap on the wrist” or a “sweetheart deal.”

Goldman said that since no one knows the truth, any claims of a sweetheart bargain are just speculation.

The congressman said having worked as a federal prosecutor for ten years; he could say that the deal was not a favorable agreement.

He explained that civil measures like civil fines are often used to solve this issue instead of criminal prosecution. Legal trouble awaited Hunter Biden. It’s been five years since the inquiry began. They looked at every little detail. The Oversight Committee hearings provide the data needed. They had files from foreign financial institutions in their possession. They had access to domestic banking data, a potentially valuable trove of information, and this was the price they thought they could charge.

Goldman said that immunity wouldn’t be granted for anything but the charges. However, that is not the norm because the Republican Party’s presidential candidate is a “vengeful, childish bully” who may seek vengeance by threatening Hunter Biden with criminal charges from the Department of Justice.

Hunter Biden may believe David Weiss will not prosecute him with any more offenses, but Donald Trump, if re-elected, would utilize the Department of Justice to accuse Hunter Biden, according to Goldman retroactively.

Goldman maintains that the possibility of Donald Trump becoming president and using the Department of Justice as a political weapon ultimately led to the breakdown of this plea bargain.