Cuba Greenlights Euthanasia Program

The Cuban Communist Party has green-lit euthanasia as a medical option for the island nation’s severely underfunded healthcare system. Once the communist-led legislature provides the required laws for the modifications subtly proposed by Cuba’s National Assembly of People’s Power, they are scheduled to take effect.

After Colombia legalized euthanasia in 1997, Cuba will follow suit, making it the second Latin American nation to do so.

People who have experienced injuries that put them in a hopeless state, as well as those who have chronic degenerative and incurable illnesses, intractable pain, or who are in a terrible or fatal phase of life, are supposedly the intended recipients of the euthanasia clause. The state-run media portrayed the euthanasia clause as a solution for “those with chronic degenerative and irreversible illnesses, with intractable pain, in an excruciating or terminal phase of life or who have incurred injuries that leave them in this position.

While Cuba’s healthcare system—widely regarded by global lefties as among the world’s finest—is in utter disarray after sixty years of communist domination, euthanasia is being legislated into Cuban law.

Dr. Alberto Roque, director of Cuba’s premier cancer facility, praised the bill, calling it a “legal basis for future euthanasia in any of its manifestations, that is, active euthanasia or assisted suicide.” While Dr. Roque did say that public discourse would increase when laws were drafted, state-run Cuban media seldom touched on the topic of official approval of the technique.

Even the most basic medical supplies are in short supply due to Cuba’s healthcare system’s collapse. In the most unclean of settings, the country’s healthcare infrastructure is far less than desirable, let alone something to hold up as “the best in the world,” as communist enthusiasts maintain.

Due to falling birth rates and an aging population among Cuba’s surviving residents, the island nation is experiencing a catastrophic demographic collapse, which is compounded by the approaching adoption of euthanasia.