Court Demands Biden Admin Disclose Funds Sent To Hamas

A court order has been obtained by Rep. Ronny Jackson, a former U.S. Navy rear admiral and White House physician for Presidents Obama, Bush, and Trump, compelling the Biden administration to reveal how American taxpayer funds are empowering the terrorist group Hamas, which is engaged in a conflict with Israel.

The “Pay to Slay” scheme, in which the Palestinian Authority compensates the relatives of terrorists who murder innocent people—including Israelis—is the subject of Jackson’s case. He is suing under the Taylor Force Act, which was named after a U.S. soldier whom a terrorist slew.

According to the complaint, the Palestinian Authority is still running its Pay to Slay scheme, which means it will no longer be eligible for U.S. foreign funding.

In its discovery motion, the AFL sought to establish that American tax funds flowed to Hamas by compelling the Biden administration to provide specific documentation about foreign assistance payments. In his August brief, Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk cited AFL’s claim that the Biden administration’s actions in the West Bank and Gaza benefit Hamas as plausible.

Jackson had filed this brief before the terrorist attack.

The goal of the case filed by AFL on behalf of Jackson and the Force family is to prevent the Palestinian Authority from receiving further funding from the Economic Support Fund. There is growing concern that terrorist organizations like Hamas and the Taliban are receiving American weaponry and tax funds.

At the forefront of the discussion is the question of whether or not the United States should send money to Gaza, which is now under the authority of Hamas.

Other topics include foreign assistance to the Middle East and the weapons that remain in Afghanistan after the departure of U.S. forces. Tennessee Republican Marsha Blackburn has been a vocal opponent of providing help to Gaza, arguing that it would go to the terrorist organization Hamas, responsible for starting the conflict between Israel and Palestine by killing over 1,400 Israelis and kidnapping hundreds more, including Americans.