Cop Dies In Front Of Family & Fiance At Party

A friend of the late Western Australian police officer has come forward to say that his pregnant fiancée was at their engagement party when he tragically passed away.

On Saturday night, while partying with friends, senior constable Liam Trimmer had a “freak accident” that left him with a severe cut to the neck. 

The 29-year-old succumbed to his injuries despite the best efforts of emergency personnel.

Tragically, the Australian police officer had a fall, slashed his throat, and passed away during his engagement party, right in front of his fiancée and their guests.

Senior Constable Liam Trimmer, who is engaged to a nurse, Lilly Watts, tripped and fell at a celebration at their house in Western Australia on Sunday to announce their impending marriage.

According to reports, Trimmer severed a carotid artery in his neck. Reports added that authorities stated that other attendees of the event tried to revive him, but he had already passed away by the time emergency personnel reached the location.

Originally from the UK, Trimmer, now 29 years old, immigrated to Australia more than ten years ago and is a 2013 graduate of Joondalup Police Academy. He reportedly joined a local rugby team in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, after relocating there in 2017.

Kalgoorlie is a mining town in Western Australia’s desert, approximately 370 miles east of Perth, in 2017.

The WA Police Union expressed its “deeply saddened” and heartfelt condolences to the family, friends, and colleagues of the fallen officer during this challenging period in a statement following the death of a “valued member of the blue family.”

The president of the union, Paul Gale, stated that no matter how a death occurs for a police officer, it does rock the core of the police family.

Trimmer was a contestant on the BBC show “Wanted Down Under,” which allowed British families to experience life in Australia and New Zealand before deciding to leave the UK.