Conservatives Mock Dem Lawmaker’s 9-Hour Fast

In a dramatic bid to pressure the federal government, Texas Democrat Greg Casar abstained from food and water for nine hours, a move deemed an impressive act of human endurance by his fellow Democrats but ridiculed by conservatives. The representative’s protest urged the federal government to establish a heat standard for laborers. His team confirmed that medical staff would monitor his health throughout the day.

“Despite going nine hours without food or water, my resolve to achieve this goal has never been stronger,” Casar affirmed.

Wendy Davis, a former Democratic gubernatorial candidate from Texas, expressed her gratitude on Twitter, saying, “I’m grateful for leaders like [Casar] who are willing to give their all to fight for the rights of the constituents they represent.”

While his fellow Democrats lauded Casar’s short-lived fast, the self-proclaimed “progressive Democrat” faced mockery on social media.

One user quipped, “I did that from 10:45 last night until seven this morning.”

Another user humorously added, “I hear you’re aiming for almost 17 hours without sleep tomorrow. Good luck!”

Interestingly, Wednesday evening marked the start of Tisha B’Av, a 25-hour fast observed by Jews worldwide. This annual day of mourning commemorates the destruction of the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem, among other tragic events in Jewish history. The same 25-hour fast is also observed on Yom Kippur.

Prominent figures like Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro brought attention to this coincidence in response to Casar’s brief fast.

In a letter addressed to the Department of Labor, Casar said, “As you may know, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has recently signed House Bill 2127 into law. This bill revokes local laws that safeguard the rights of ordinary people in sectors like labor, agriculture, natural resources, and finance. This legislation, effective from September 1, 2023, will nullify local protections against extreme heat, including Austin and Dallas ordinances mandating water breaks for construction workers.”

The newly passed law restricts Texan cities from enacting rules that overrule state law. Abbott’s office clarified to The Daily Wire that the law does not prohibit workers from taking water breaks. “As our state faces high summer temperatures, ensuring the safety of Texans remains a top priority. This law upholds the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) standards to protect workers and will not prevent people from taking water breaks,” stated Abbott’s spokesman Andrew Mahaleris.