Comer Slams Colleague Over Fidelity Concerns

Republican Rep. James Comer has accused his GOP colleague Ken Buck of lacking loyalty to the Republican party. Speaking on FNC’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” Mr. Comer discussed GOP unity relating to the expulsion of New York GOP Rep. George Santos and Republican ambitions to impeach President Biden.

Comer said the party is largely united, and constituents are telling Representatives that they agree with the Biden impeachment process, but he still has some reservations that all Republican Reps. would vote to proceed. When host Maria Bartiromo asked if the GOP had the numbers, Comer said, “It’s tough. I think we can lose one or two members. I mean, Ken Buck, he votes no on everything. He’s certainly doing everything he can to try out to be the next anchor for MSNBC.”

Rep. Comer also lashed out at the President’s son, Hunter Biden, on December 13 when he refused to cooperate with a House subpoena requesting his private testimony into the family’s financial affairs. The House Oversight Committee, led by Comer, has been investigating Biden family links with foreign companies and seeking to prove that President Biden profited from illegal cash-for-influence arrangements during the Obama administration. Comer and Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan later said they would initiate contempt of Congress proceedings against Hunter Biden.

In November, Congressman Buck announced he will not run for election in 2024, blaming the Republican party’s support for Donald Trump and its unwillingness to accept defeat in the 2020 White House race. “Too many Republican leaders are lying to America,” he said before accusing fellow conservatives of “describing January 6 as an unguided tour of the Capitol” and insisting that resulting prosecutions were part of a weaponization of the criminal justice system. The Congressman concluded that Republican assertions about 2020 erode American trust and breed “widespread cynicism.”

Mr. Buck also clashed with Congressional colleagues when he voted to expel Kevin McCarthy from the Speaker’s chair and then refused to back Jim Jordan as his replacement.