College Rabbis Warn Of Disturbing Antisemitism

Thousands of Jewish rabbis, including hundreds who are on the front lines at some of the nation’s most woke, rabidly antisemitic colleges, congregated in Brooklyn for the annual Chabad festival. Since the Hamas massacre in Israel on October 7, several of the rabbis in attendance have said that college campuses have become deadly hotbeds of hatred.

Some campuses in the United States have been inundated with violent pro-Hamas protests and horrible assaults on Jewish students in the weeks since Hamas descended on Israel, shocking the world with the unexpected terror attack.

The responses of prominent New York City institutions, including New York and Columbia colleges, to the recent wave of antisemitism have been widely panned. According to the rabbis, however, many Jewish American students have rediscovered their pride in their heritage and faith.

Upon receiving a present of 100 Star of David necklaces, students at McGill University in Montreal promptly elected to wear them, according to Rabbi Shmuly Weiss, who has served as the Chabad rabbi at McGill since 2007. It’s not only Israel that’s taking the lead here; many countries are declaring, “Hey, you know what? Students are terrified, but they’re very, very proud of their Judaism,” he remarked.

Campus tensions have been discussed by Jewish leaders and the Muslim Student Association’s student leaders to reduce hostility. There has been an increase in the “silent, subtle stuff,” such as prejudice and singling Jewish students out on campus, according to Rabbi Meir Chaim Posner, Yale University‚Äôs Chabad rabbi, for the past eight years.

Jews on college campuses are perplexed by the rise of antisemitic rhetoric and attacks at some of America’s most prestigious institutions, and they wonder how progressives can present the veneer of tolerance and modern thinking while celebrating Hamas’ barbarity and embracing hate.

Antisemitism and even Nazism have a dark history on many college campuses, so “progressive” prejudice is nothing new.