CNN Reporter Exposes Network In Latest Public Fight

A former CNN reporter is suing the network after she was injured on an assignment in the Middle East, according to Fox News. Saima Mohsin is alleging that the left-wing network discriminated against her when they fired her for not having the right look.

Mohsin was covering the Israel-Palestine conflict when the cameraman reportedly ran over her foot with his car. The accident has caused her ongoing pain and she struggled to get back to work. She has kept supporters updated on both Twitter and LinkedIn, claiming that what is seen on screen is not indicative of the pain that she still feels from it. 

Mohsin expressed disappointment when the network declined to give her a presenting role to decrease her time spent traveling. After telling her that she did not have the right look, they fired her. CNN is disputing the validity of the lawsuit, saying that the terms of her contract prevent her from bringing a case in London. 

CNN has been struggling with viewership since its town hall event with former President Donald Trump. But those on the left were angry that the network would host the president, especially as he faces multiple criminal prosecutions. Anderson Cooper, the network’s veteran anchor, spoke to viewers and told them that it is okay if they never watch the network again because of what they did. 

It appears that many are heeding his suggestion. But the left-wing outlet was struggling to maintain viewership before the segment aired. From May 15 to 24, CNN mustered some 371,000 viewers, marking the worst week since 2014. The network is also experiencing an issue with the key age 24-54 demographic, which was predominantly held by “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” 

Before the Trump town hall, CNN was able to garner 581,000 viewers, still below where it wants to be. After the event, however, that viewership sank to 395,000 viewers.