CMT In Hot Seat After Nixing Jason Aldean Hit

After CMT banned “Try That in a Small Town” music video by Jason Aldean this week due to racism allegations, fans reacted angrily.

The new song video by Jason Aldean features anti-crime and pro-law enforcement themes, telling criminals that their antics won’t be permitted in rural America. This has infuriated leftist activists. Videos of left-wing rioting and smash-and-grab robbery are included in the music video. Some activists claimed that the song incited racism and violence.

Reports show fans of Aldean and supporters of free expression were outraged Monday when CMT acknowledged it had removed the music video from broadcast.

Legal expert Jonathan Turley suggested that the judgment might be detrimental to the television network’s bottom line, artistic liberty, and free speech.

On social media, Aldean said he was there when so many people died on Route 91, as many have pointed out, and our community has now experienced another devastating loss. No one wants to keep reading headlines of tragic separations of families.  “Try That In A Small Town” represents the sense of belonging he had in his hometown, where people looked out for one another despite the many cultural and religious differences. Aldean argued that the fact that they were neighbors superseded any other distinctions.

According to a report at the time, the shooter on Route 91 was allegedly frustrated that he wasn’t getting the VIP treatment he was promised by a Las Vegas casino. 64-year-old Stephen Paddock’s principal source of income came from his habit of playing poker and other forms of gambling.

According to an FBI interview with a gambler, the high-stakes gambler who killed 60 country music fans and wounded over 800 others at the Route 91 Harvest Fest in 2017 may have lost his mind because of the affront.

From the 32nd story of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, where Paddock had set up a sniper’s nest, he unleashed more than a thousand shots into the group of 22,000 people who had gathered for a country music event in the parking lot below.

On the third night, during Jason Aldean’s performance, gunfire broke out, and the gunman allegedly shot himself to death as police stormed his barricaded room.