Chris Wallace Knocks Actor For Starring In “Flawed” Movie

During a CNN interview, Chris Wallace asked Andy Garcia if he felt The Godfather Part III, which he starred in, was the one that was “flawed.”

Wallace asked the insulting question while interviewing Garcia on this week’s Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace episode.

Maybe it should be renamed Who’s Not Talking To Chris Wallace.

Garcia played Vincent in ‘The Godfather III.’

In the movie, Vincent is set to become the new head of the family, and there’s a scene where he talks to the old Don, played by Al Pacino. Wallace introduced a clip of the location where Vincent asks Michael Corleone, played by Pacino, to let him help protect the family.

Afterward, Wallace offered his opinion that Godfather III is considered the flawed one compared to the two masterpieces.

Wallace asked if he believed it was a fair opinion and if the question bothered him.

Garcia appeared calm, but his facial expression conveyed annoyance as he reassured Wallace that he wouldn’t become angry.

He also said he believed it an unfair assessment. The actor suggested evaluating the movie based on its merits, adding that he thinks it is a beautiful piece of work and that it is difficult to follow two masterpieces. 

Garcia reminded Wallace that Da Vinci created numerous masterpieces. Another statue may not be David, but it is still a work of Da Vinci.

He also said it is a reasonable evaluation since many people regard the first Godfather movie as the best film ever made, and the second installment is also highly regarded. There is a debate about whether Citizen Kane, a film directed, produced, and starring Orson Welles, is the greatest movie of all time.

Garcia said it is an exceptional movie, and being connected with that trilogy is an extraordinary privilege for him. 

The actor displayed restraint by not asking Wallace if, compared to his dad Mike Wallace, he was the flawed one.