Chip Roy Remains Silent On Whether He’d Support Vacating Johnson

Texas Republican Rep. Chip Roy dismissed Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s threat to oust Speaker Mike Johnson over the House passing the $1.2 trillion appropriations package, calling her motion to vacate the chair “palace drama,” The Hill reported.

In a March 24 appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union,” the day after President Biden signed into the law the spending package to fund the federal government until the end of September, Roy was asked by host Jake Tapper if he would back Greene’s motion to vacate the chair to oust Speaker Johnson.

Dismissing the motion as “palace drama,” Roy told Tapper that he was more focused on ensuring that the American people could “win the end of this rainbow.”

He said with the bill now signed into law, the federal government was spending money it didn’t have and was racking up more debt.

Roy said while he voted against the spending bill, he was now focused on “securing the border in the United States” and providing funding for Israel.

Roy suggested that Speaker Johnson should not put the supplemental foreign aid package passed by the Senate up for a vote on the House floor unless the House can “come to an agreement” on it that would ensure that Israel is properly taken care of, the border is secured, and that the spending proposed was paid for.

Roy reminded Jake Tapper that he voted against the motion to vacate brought by Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz against former Speaker Kevin McCarthy. He said Gaetz’s motion was a “mistake” since McCarthy honored most of the agreement House Republicans “came up with.”

He noted that under McCarthy, the House had 72 hours to read legislation before the vote, as Republican lawmakers had requested. However, Speaker Johnson violated that agreement in passing the $1.2 trillion spending package, Roy said.