Chinese War Ships Have Been Deployed

Reports show China threatened a strong and powerful reaction to Taiwan’s president visiting House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) by sending warships through Taiwanese seas.

Tsai Ing-wen thanked McCarthy and other US congressmen during their meeting in Los Angeles, California. Tsai told reporters that the constant support reassures the Taiwanese that we are not alone.

China has repeatedly cautioned both parties not to meet and sent an aircraft carrier near Taiwan shortly before the discussions.

Taipei’s Ministry of National Defense reported an anti-submarine helicopter and three more warships crossing Taiwan’s air defense identification zone.

Taiwan also voiced concern about China’s deployment of coastguard boats for what they saw as suspicious patrols.

China claims Taiwan as its own and has threatened to take it by force.

Last August, then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi went to the island, raising tensions. China sent missiles and warships near Taiwan in its most extensive display of force.

Last week, Tsai said regional peace required face-to-face contact with US officials and urged China to be calm.

Tsai stopped in California after visiting two of Taiwan’s last diplomatic friends in South America.

Reports show McCarthy originally planned to meet Tsai in Taiwan.

Analysts think the choice was a wise compromise that successfully increased support for Taiwan without escalating relations with Beijing.

After meeting Tsai, McCarthy said that the relevance of their connection to the free world was based on their shared values of freedom and democracy.

McCarthy promised that the controversial military deliveries to Taiwan would continue as they effectively prevented aggression from China. 

In response to Taiwanese President Tsai’s to the US,  China has sanctioned two American organizations in retaliation.

Reports reveal the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and the Hudson Institute would be prohibited from engaging in any kind of collaboration, exchange, or transaction with entities in China.

Leaders of these groups would be prevented from doing business or coordinating with their Chinese counterparts because of this travel ban.