Chinese Govt. Allegedly Threatening Dissenting Author’s Daughter in US

Politically, the United States continues to find itself in a precarious position. Internationally, global powers like Russia and China, opposed to American dominance and prosperity, continue to act aggressively, emboldened by weak leadership in the oval office. In truth, things are tumultuous and unstable in every aspect of existence in America. In the south pacific, the Communist Chinese government continues its pattern of taking aggressive military and diplomatic positions, openly challenging U.S. dominance in the region as well as globally. 

In another report, according to the conservative media outlet Newsmax, the U.S. State Department alleges that China is investing billions each year in an international disinformation campaign to promote its national agenda and is acting out of self-interest. Utilizing the internet, the Global Engagement Center published a report and stated that the government in Beijing appears to be creating fake authors on platforms on social media and “news” websites to “publish” articles which appear unrelated to the government to further a pro-China agenda.

In a recent report, for the first time in two decades the United States now imports more products from Mexico than China. In 2023, imports from China into the United States fell by 20% to around 427 billion. Conversely, imports from Mexico rose by 5%, to some $475 billion. Mexico has certainly benefitted from rising tensions between the U.S. and China. Additionally, China has been winning the economic war between the U.S. by dominating trade and continuing to grow its manufacturing base. Recently, the country ramped up Lithium production. Soon, the whole world will be dependent on the communist power for basic essentials. As America and the west decline, new powers emerge as time progresses.

The Chinese government has not been known for their respect for human rights. A recent report by the New York Times stated that a Chinese citizen who is critical of the government has had his 16-year-old daughter harassed due to his opposition.