Children Targeted In Latest Horrific Terrorist Attack

One elderly woman was killed and another 17 people, including seven children, were injured in what has been described as a “multiple car-ramming attack” in the city of Raanana in central Israel last Monday, CNN reported.

According to Israeli national police, the two Palestinians stole vehicles and plowed them into a group of people in a “suspected hit-and-run terrorist attack” in which one woman in her 70s was killed.

Seven children wounded in the attacks were treated at the Schneider Center for Pediatrics, a hospital in nearby Tel Aviv. One of the wounded, a 16-year-old boy, suffered a serious head injury requiring surgery. The other six children, ages 10 to 16, suffered “mild to moderate” injuries.

The chief of staff for the Israeli national police said the two suspects were relatives from Hebron, a city in the West Bank. Both have been detained by the police.

While Hamas did not claim responsibility for last Monday’s attacks, the terror group called for more attacks within Israel and said in a statement that the attacks were “a natural response to the occupation’s massacres” and Israel’s “continued aggression” against the Palestinian people.

The national police said it was conducting further sweeps in the area to ensure that there would be no further attacks.

In a statement last Monday, the French Foreign Ministry condemned the terror attack and revealed that two French citizens “are among the injured.”

Tensions in the West Bank, which is much larger than Gaza, have only increased since Israel declared war on Hamas more than 100 days ago.

West Bank Palestinians have been holding frequent protests in support of Gaza since the war began, often clashing with the Israeli security forces that conduct raids in the West Bank.

Since the start of the conflict, some Israeli settlers in the territory have been accused of attacking Palestinians and stealing their land.