Chicago Experiences Bloody Weekend With 17 Shot

On Friday night through Saturday afternoon, Mayor Brandon Johnson’s (D) Chicago saw at least 17 shootings, including one fatality.

According to reports, the shooting that resulted in one death was said to have occurred on a block on West Monroe Street before sunrise. When police arrived, they discovered a man shot in the shin and ankle. He was taken to the hospital, but he didn’t make it.

According to reports, there were roughly 40 shootings in Chicago over the weekend, with seven resulting in fatalities; the previous weekend saw at least 23 shootings.

There were 392 homicides in Chicago between January 1st and August 25th, 2023.

Last week, two females were shot at Guaranteed Rate Field while watching the Chicago White Sox take on the Oakland Athletics.

A woman, 42, was shot in the leg and transferred to the University of Chicago Hospital, where her condition was listed as “fair,” according to the police. A 26-year-old female victim who sustained a grazing wound to the midsection reportedly declined medical attention.

The White Sox have released a new video in which some spectators can be seen staring down at something while others appear oblivious to the action.

A video shows spectators jumping up from their seats and waving at the White Sox crew before the clip cuts off. According to a Sox staffer, it looked like a woman had blood dripping from her leg. He estimated that at least two persons were hurt, and possibly three.

The findings of the inquiry into a shooting almost defy belief regarding how a firearm was allowed to enter the stadium.

Two people familiar with the investigation have been quoted as saying that the gun was smuggled into the stadium in the folds of a woman’s belly fat.

One of the women shot at was able to sneak the firearm through metal detectors, concealing it in the creases of her stomach fat so that she could enter the building.

The report reveals that the woman triggered metal detectors three times.

The searches conducted by security did not yield the firearm.