Cheney’s Secret Role In 2024 Revealed

Speculation over former Wyoming Republican Liz Cheney’s potential involvement in the 2024 election is escalating as former presidents Joe Biden and Donald Trump prepare for their November rematch.

Cheney, an open and avowed Trump hater, has promised to do everything to prevent Trump’s reelection. After Nikki Haley withdrew her improbable primary campaign against Trump, she established her political action committee, the Great Task, and left the door open to a possible independent run.

If Cheney were to formally support Biden, it would be a massive boost to the Democrats. Nancy Holdsworth, chair of the House Republican conference, stated that she would “welcome” Cheney’s endorsement of Biden despite their policy disagreements, but she conceded that such an action could threaten Cheney’s political future.

Cheney has emerged as a prominent figure in the anti-Trump movement. She participated in a bipartisan commission that examined January 6 and utilized her position to undermine candidates affiliated with Trump in the midterm elections of November 2022. With the release of her memoir and her repeated criticism of Trump since leaving office, she may be hinting at a run for president.

In the wake of the U.S. Capitol building breach on January 6, 2021, Cheney’s rise to prominence within her political party came to a sudden halt as the GOP denounced her for not endorsing Trump. Cheney became a prominent figure in the anti-Trump movement while serving on the House Jan. 6 committee after losing her primary in the previous cycle to a candidate favored by Trump.

In order to attract anti-Trump voters who might otherwise back a third-party ticket, Democrat pollster Fernand Amandi told The Hill that Cheney must openly support Biden. This has bewildered the party about her precise plans; however, several Democrats are skeptical that she will run independently due to worries that it could hurt Biden and aid Trump.