Certain Parts of Premier League Trophy Stolen in Belgium

Two years ago, part of the £250,000 Premier League trophy was stolen at an event in Belgium, reportedly necessitating a replacement.

English Premier League trophies are famously valuable and attractive, and they are generally considered to be among the most iconic prizes in sports.

Manchester City has broken Manchester United’s record for most Premier League titles with four in a row. On the last day of the previous season, they won it all.

The six Premier League awards that Pep Guardiola had been presented with were stolen in Belgium when a suitcase that contained a portion of the prized trophy was taken.

Criminals sadly stole the trophy’s silver base and golden crown. These were the parts stored in the suitcase.

Only two championships are made per season. The champions of each year’s tournament receive one, while the Premier League organization displays the other.

Although the two separate pieces had £250,000 in insurance, this is the first theft of a significant club award in English football.

It’s thought that the thieves didn’t even know how valuable their illegal haul was.

Given that the lost item may already have been melted down and transferred somewhere, the likelihood of locating it appears low.

The Premier League trophy is made by distinguished high-end jewelers Asprey London. Its weight of 15.9 kg attests to its majesty and importance. According to Asprey, the trophy, including the crown, is made from top-notch sterling silver and silver gilt semi-precious gemstones.

The manufacturer had to make identical parts prior to the trophy being sent to Man City, 

A notorious theft of the Jules Rimet Trophy in London occurred in 1966, just four months before the 1966 FIFA World Cup began in England.

A week down the road, while strolling in Upper Norwood, South London, David Corbett, and his collie Pickles stumbled upon something concealed in the underbrush. It was the trophy.

Pickles received a medal, and Corbett was given £5,000 for his efforts.