CEO Of Beef Company Refuses To Sell mRNA Meat

Beef and dairy cattle are being prepped for “vaccines” made of messenger RNA (mRNA) by Big Pharma and different state governments. Since 2018, this has been done with pork and will soon be done with beef.

Whole Cows’ CEO, Jason Nelson, has been interested in the news. His Texas firm guarantees their goods will never include meat from genetically modified animals.

Before any mRNA-injected beef was sent out, he threatened to close up shop first. Nelson said that’s why he is expanding rapidly: to amass sufficient funds for mass production. Although his company is still relatively tiny, by 2024, they anticipate having enough beef to fill tens of thousands of bags.

Recently, there have been setbacks in the fight for openness and against mRNA-injected meat. A measure in Missouri that would have mandated labeling of mRNA vaccine-injected cattle has died in committee.

Unfortunately, consumer and producer concerns have been disregarded by national cattle and rancher organizations. Most state rancher organizations either haven’t taken a stand or are actively working to further Big Pharma’s goal.

Whole Cows aims to provide people with nutritious, natural, tasty proteins. Nelson said they can’t deliver on their word if the beef is contaminated, so they do all they can to protect their cattle from the shots.

Dr. Joseph Mercola, a lifelong advocate of organic foods, has been sounding the alarm about the growing dangers to America’s food supply. In light of recent developments, he has stressed the need for monitoring. He said many were taken aback to learn that mRNA injections had been used on pigs for some time. Animals receiving these individualized mRNA doses might impact beef and dairy products.

Mercola said that in the end, we need to create a decentralized system that links cities and towns with farmers who raise genuine food sustainably and distribute it locally if we care about freedom, food safety, and security.

Nelson agrees, which is why his firm is now exclusively doing business with ranches in Texas.

He predicted that the widespread use of mRNA shots in cattle would occur suddenly and without public notice.