Catholic Archbishop Warns Soros, Gates, Schwab Plotting Global Coup 

( In a recent meeting of a Pro-Russian group in Moscow, Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò warned that George Soros, WEF founder Klaus Schwab, and billionaire Bill Gates have “perpetrated a real-world coup d’etat” through their actions during the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, Just the News reported. 

Archbishop Viganò was addressing the Founding Congress of the International Movement of Russophiles in Moscow last week where he blamed the “de-Christianizing” of the West for the “elite” viewing Russia as an enemy that must be overthrown. He claimed that Russia is the “last bastion of civilization against barbarism” and argued that elites like Soros, Gates, and Schwab use organizations like the United Nations and NATO to indoctrinate the “masses.” 

Calling the pandemic a “farce” that was carried out through “criminal methods,” Viganò argued that the pandemic was followed by new crises, including the war in Ukraine, that were “deliberately provoked” as a way to destroy the economic and social fabric of countries while reducing the population of the world. He claimed that this was done to concentrate control into the hands of an unelected “oligarchy” which he said would have to answer for their actions. 

He claimed that the “theorists” behind this “coup” have names like Soros, Gates, and Schwab. 

Continuing with his conspiracy theories, Archbishop Viganò also accused the so-called elites of working to prevent former President Donald Trump from getting elected again, claiming that they are doing to Trump was the “deep state” and “deep church” did to Pope Benedict XVI in 2013 when they forced him to resign his papacy to clear the way for a pope that would please the “New World Order.” 

Last week’s Congress of the International Movement of Russophiles featured an assortment of pro-Russian activists and conspiracy theorists who gathered at the Pushkin State Museum in Moscow. 

In addition to Archbishop Viganò, others in attendance included former action movie star Steven Seagal, a Russian citizen, a grandson of French general Charles de Gaulle, and an Italian princess who believes European boys are encouraged to marry cows, according to the UK Guardian. 

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov gave the keynote address at the conference where he claimed that “Naziism” is spreading in Europe.