Canadian Police Arrest Boy For Handing Out Bibles

During a demonstration in Calgary, Alberta on Wednesday, a teenager handing out Bibles was briefly held in police custody after getting into an altercation with counter-protesters at the rally, the Daily Wire reported.

Josh Alexander, a 16-year-old social media influencer, was briefly taken into police custody after causing a disturbance when he approached the counter-protesters during an event hosted by the Liberty Coalition Canada.

In a tweet, Alexander claimed that he was arrested for handing out Bibles but quickly released with a warning not to return. Rather than heed the warning, Alexander said he chose to continue distributing Bibles, boasting that he is not ashamed of the Gospel.

In a separate tweet, Alexander claimed that the police officers told him that his views were “inflammatory.” He vowed not to cave to the “woke mob or corrupt state,” and said he would continue spreading “the truth in love.”

Naturally, Alexander’s claims prompted anger from other right-leaning Canadians.

Maxime Bernier, who heads up the People’s Party of Canada, accused Canadian law enforcement of not enforcing the law equally.

Bernier noted in a tweet that the police won’t expend the resources to capture someone who burns down a church but will arrest someone handing out Bibles.

Josh Alexander has frequently placed himself in positions that have him clashing with authorities.

Earlier this year, Alexander staged a protest after an Ontario Catholic High School prevented him from attending classes in person for vocally opposing the school’s transgender position both in the classroom and on social media.

Alexander was later arrested for trespassing on school grounds after he attempted to attend his Automotive Mechanics class in person rather than online. He allegedly told the arresting officer that he was being excluded from in-person classes due to religious discrimination.

Last week, Alexander claimed in a tweet that police tried to prevent him from protesting against “the genocide of the unborn”