Canada’s PM Blames American Right For Problems At Home

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, has attributed the opposition of Canadian Muslims to LGBTQ and transgender theory curriculum in K-12 education to the American right wing. A video of Trudeau speaking with the Muslim community in Calgary, Alberta, was released after many protesters gathered to oppose gender ideology in schools and chanted, “Leave our kids alone.” 

The frustration escalated when audio emerged of an Edmonton Public Schools teacher criticizing Muslim students for missing school to avoid pride events. The teacher explained how it works, and Trudeau asked the community to protect their culture, belief, and the sin they are doing to them.

Trudeau stated that right-wing forces were causing division within the Muslim community, negatively impacting Canada’s values of respect and openness. He also emphasized Canada’s strong support and defense of the Muslim community compared to other Western countries. He stated that there is no forceful instruction or attempt to convert children into being LGBT. However, they are weaponizing the issue of LGBT, which Islam has strong opinions on. The religious right in Canada, known as the Christian right, also holds strong views against LGBT rights.

Left-wing commentators in the US have expressed concerns about the potential consequences of aligning with the right in response Goldberg, an opinion columnist at The New York Times, referred to the perceived ideological alliance between Christians and Muslims on education as “strange new political bedfellows” and highlighted the right’s alleged fear of Muslims. MSNBC promoted a similar narrative twice in the past few weeks, alleging that the right was recruiting Muslims.

Edward Ahmed Mitchell, the national deputy director at CAIR, disputed the claim, stating that it was necessary for liberal commentators, such as MSNBC’s Psaki, to acknowledge that Muslim parents are capable individuals who can express their thoughts and opinions. CAIR is the largest Muslim civil rights organization in America.

Ismail Royer, the director of the Islam and Religious Freedom Action Team for the Religious Freedom Institute, expressed that the left aims to intimidate Muslims into accepting its forced beliefs upon their children as a trade-off for approval and validation. He criticized the left for portraying Muslims as lacking agency or intelligence but cannot fathom that they have considered and declined the offer they presented.

Another activist, Sameerah Munshi, a member of the Muslim-led organization Coalition of Virtue, expressed that their faith is not aligned with any political party and their community is not outdated. Trudeau emphasized that Canada’s values are passed down to its children, but school board members have ridiculed their values.