Canada School To Change Gender Policy, Recognize Role Of Parents

A common trend in North America, including the United States and Canada is for schools to keep parents in the dark about their children’s gender identity. Such has been the case in Maryland Montgomery County Public Schools where faculty has been encouraged to lie to parents, per guidance, according to American Pigeon. In yet another instance, the Oregon Department of Education advised the same thing. 

But while schools in the U.S. are working to reverse this trend and give parents a more active role in their children’s education, the New Brunswick province in Canada has recently followed suit. A previous policy implemented in 2020, which required teachers to hide their students’ gender identity from their parents, regardless of age, has been reversed following a new policy that recognizes the “role of parents” for their child’s well-being, according to The Daily Wire

The policy was announced by Education Minister Bill Hogan, a member of the Progressive Conservative Party. It requires children under the age of 16 to have parental consent when changing their names or pronouns. It also removed a reference to students participating in activities “consistent with their gender.” Bathrooms must also be used in accordance with a student’s biological gender. Gender-neutral bathrooms must be kept private. 

Hogan argued that the policy will bring professionalism to teachers and ensure that nothing is done opposite of parents’ desires. But the policy, which takes effect July 1, did make those on the left happy. In response, eight lawmakers reportedly boycotted Parliament, stating that they are disappointed in the “lack of transparency.” 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also weighed in, saying that LGBTQ+ children will not be able to be themselves. He implied that the members of the conservative party are targeting children and creating an unsafe environment. This leftist sentiment is felt in other parts of Canada where parents have been sanctioned for opposing the genital mutilation of their children.