Brawl Breaks Out Between Spirit Airlines Passenger and Staff

An irate airport passenger didn’t expect the beating he received when he squared up against four Spirit Airlines employees.

In the shocking clip captured at Baltimore Airport, a passenger becomes enraged with a member of the check-in staff and appears eager for a confrontation.

Officers were dispatched to the scene around 4:15 pm on Tuesday after receiving a call about an altercation. The police apprehended five people; one of them had minor injuries.

Additionally, Spirit has announced through their representative that four workers of a third-party firm they work with have been suspended while the incident is being investigated. They do not hire the people directly, according to Spirit.

The airline also states that it will not tolerate violence of any type and will respond appropriately once the inquiry is over.

It’s unclear what set off the brawl.

The footage, captured on a phone, depicts the traveler, who is wearing only a T-shirt and shorts, approaching the counter and engaging in a confrontation with two uniformed Spirit Airlines employees. From behind the counter, a man in a white shirt emerges and hits the customer. The other men seize the passenger. Just as the initiator is about to be tackled to the ground, another man, also attired in all black, steps into the melee.

The battle escalates to a four-on-one situation, and he is tackled to the floor when one member of the Spirit crew holds him down while the others attack him.

Three of the male employee’s coworkers quickly rallied around the man after he accepted the challenge.

A member of the Spirit crew, sporting an unbuttoned white shirt, suddenly appears and hurls a haymaker at the passenger as the opposing groups get near.

They use the barrier ropes to bring him down to the floor, and one of them yells curse words at the man, calling him a “b***h.”

The local commissioner’s office was notified, and all parties were informed about victims’ rights and services, including how to file criminal charges. 

The low-cost carrier has reportedly dealt with such viral material before. A Spirit Airlines flight attendant almost took a beating earlier this month when she attempted to intervene in a fistfight between two males on a trip to Boston.