Boy With Slingshot Saves Sister From Kidnapper

The Michigan State Police (MSP) reports that an 8-year-old female victim of an attempted kidnapping in Alpena, Michigan, was rescued by her 13-year-old brother using a slingshot.

Police say the girl’s older brother saw his sister’s attacker come out of the woods and attempt to take her by force as she was foraging for mushrooms in the family’s backyard. 

According to a local report, the girl’s brother fired a shot at the suspect, striking him in the head and allowing the child to escape.

Lieutenant John Grimshaw of the Minnesota State Patrol reported that the suspect shot the girl, who managed to get away, in the chest before fleeing the area.

According to a Facebook post about the event, the girl’s uncle said that a 17-year-old man sporting a black mohawk had almost abducted his niece earlier today from her own yard in Alpena.  When his nephew heard her screams, he defended his little sister with his slingshot.

Police were able to positively identify the suspect by the marks left on his body by the slingshot pellets, which Grimshaw said was another clue provided by the boy’s shot. According to MLive, a different relative of the siblings’ family saw the attempted abduction, watched the suspect flee, and called the police. Troopers tracked down the guy to a gas station, where they promptly made an arrest.

The defendant reportedly confessed to the investigators that he intended to assault the victim once he had kidnapped her. On Thursday, he was charged with one act of assault and battery, one count of attempted assault to inflict grievous bodily injury less than murder, and one case of attempted kidnapping/child enticement. 

According to local reports, the young man, who is 17 years old, faced charges as an adult, and his bail was set at $150,000.