BLM Leader Is Charged With Hate Crime

The Black Lives Matter YYC president in Calgary, Canada, has been charged with a hate crime for allegedly blocking a Catholic school’s entrance.

In recent years, Adora Nwofor has organized a number of demonstrations, some of which have been in response to Roe v. Wade and others to George Floyd. She has made a name for herself in the world of stand-up comedy.

On June 2, 2023, Nwofor was arrested for vandalism, as evidenced by court documents. The alleged obstruction and interference with the property being used for religious worship and educational purposes occurred on May 26, 2023, leading to the filing of the case against her. 

Documents claim that the BLM leader hindered students’ ability to enroll at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School in Calgary, Alberta, because of their racial or ethnic intolerance.

According to The Counter Signal, Nwofor tweeted that she will “always feel bitter” about being a Black woman.

She said as a Black woman in Calgary, she has a sour memory of a time when she was treated unfairly. Black people are hard to come across, and when she does, they typically don’t feel safe openly identifying as such. She says oppression persists at all levels of society, and she will keep fighting it.

She’s noticed that many hesitant people do not want to identify with the Black Lives Matter movement because they don’t fully understand what it’s about. She voiced fear that anyone who would destroy a Nobel Peace Prize-nominated movement may also harm ordinary black people.

The activist revealed to the press that she has been the target of racism on multiple occasions and provided an explanation of what she meant by the term “white privilege.”

She said the invisibility of race is a form of white privilege. She emphasized that people of all backgrounds are always welcome and safe in any given location.