Billionaires Are Promoting a Crackdown On Free Speech Worldwide

According to a report, a new global network of scholars has partnered with wealthy organizations that have historically supported left-wing causes to counteract internet disinformation.

A three-day Nobel Foundation and National Academy of Sciences conference launched the IPIE. 

According to the report, over 200 researchers from 55 nations gathered in Washington for the first formal conference of the International Panel on the Information Environment (IPIE) to discuss the erosion of public knowledge and faith in science. According to its website, it has cooperated with organizations, including the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Ford Foundation, and the Skoll Foundation.

Many of IPIE’s donors have previously funded radical organizations and movements. The Black Feminist Fund was established in 2021 with initial financing of $15 million from the Ford Foundation.

Media Matters for America, a far-left-leaning media watchdog dedicated to monitoring, analyzing, and debunking “conservative misinformation,” has received almost $4 million from the Ford Foundation since 2010.

The report shows that centrist and right-leaning news sites have been singled out for misinformation moderation in recent years. Under the guise of fighting Russian misinformation, Facebook and Twitter extensively suppressed a 2020 New York Post article that reported accurately on what was found on Hunter Biden’s laptop, the son of President Joe Biden.

The report reveals that Arabella Advisors, a Democrat-affiliated consultancy firm, funded university and charity studies on internet “misinformation” and “disinformation” dissemination. Many projects blame conservatives for disinformation and suggest censorship to combat it.

According to the report, the IPIE’s first study examined content moderation’s effectiveness in combating online disinformation and found alternative methods with greater scientific proof. They found that labeling information as “disputed” and finding state sources in the media while releasing corrective content works best.  The research is less optimistic about government pressure on social media to control information.

Many conference speakers also warned that fast AI development might aggravate global misinformation.