Bill Gates Predicts 18 Months Before This Happens

On Tuesday, technology mogul Bill Gates projected that AI would play a significant role in classrooms within the next 18 months.

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence system to be released to the mass market. It can perform many written tasks, like writing emails. It can write code to perform everyday tasks.

Already, students are using ChatGPT to complete essays and cheat on assignments.

Gates has a more rosy take on the use of AI. He predicted at a fireside chat at a San Diego conference that AI solutions will be widely used to help teachers improve kids’ reading comprehension and writing skills within a year and a half.

To help lower the effective cost of educational advancement for low-income students, Gates, who has spent much of his fortune funding education initiatives and supporting progressive social policies around the world, has predicted that the availability of AI language tools will rapidly rise as hardware and software improve. 

He said having access to a tutor is too expensive for most students, especially having that tutor tailor-made for a specific individual. AI will remember everything about you.

According to a survey conducted by the Walton Family Foundation, the system is already being used by many educators for things like lesson planning and curriculum development, and 73 percent of teachers and 68 percent of students agree that it can aid with learning.

ChatGPT can keep a student from learning. The student’s “tutor” can be the student. The employee’s AI assistant can be the employee. Where is the incentive to perform when you can rely on complete assistance from an entity that will never complain they’ve had their ideas stolen?

According to Gates, the education sector is “super interested” in seeing how artificial intelligence technologies are used. Similarly, Khan Academy, a well-known non-profit that develops free online resources to help students prepare for college entrance tests and advanced courses, recently announced the establishment of Khanmigo, an artificial intelligence system that provides one-on-one coaching solutions to students.