Bill Clinton Identified On Epstein-Related Docs

Over the last several decades and even prior, the federal government of the United States has truly acted in ways adverse to the interests of ordinary Americans. Indeed, a political ruling class has existed in America for generations whether people like to admit it or not, but historically speaking these elitists always acted in the best interests of and with good intentions for the country at large and the ordinary citizenry. Following the Second World War, the rise of modern American consumerist culture and the increasingly potent hand of big government, the nature of politics became quite different in the nation in comparison to former era’s.

The counterculture movement intensified in the 1960s, and the nature of gender roles, the role of God and religion in society, and the economic realities of life in the “land of prosperity” began to shift. Paired with an immigration act introduced in 1965 which completely opened the floodgates to mass migration from outside of the western world, the effects of this rapid change in American life were severely detrimental. Now, in the present day as the economic realities of the union are increasingly worrisome as the middle class continues to shrink, inflation continues to soar, and home ownership appears to be unaffordable for families making near the median national income, there can be no denying that the country is on the serious decline.

As things continue to worsen, the ruling elitist class of politicians continue to enrich themselves at the expense of the citizenry. Years ago, Jeffrey Epstein (a popular Hollywood figure) was exposed as being a sexual predator, hosting insane affairs on his private island in which abuse and lewd behavior occurred. Dozens of elitists and politicians have been connected with Epstein; recently, the former president Bill Clinton has come under fire for his association with the now deceased predator. It is unlikely anything will happen to him: elitists never go to prison.