Biden’s Vacation Days Pile Up As He Hits Beach Again

President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill started their lengthy vacation on Sunday by hitting the dunes of Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. It will last ten days, including a work week and two weekends.

According to reports, Hunter Biden’s longtime friend and former business associate, Devon Archer, testified on Capitol Hill Monday about the foreign ventures in which he participated and the level of involvement in which Joe Biden was involved.

According to the Republican National Committee (RNC), almost 40 percent of his presidency, or 360 days, have been spent by the octogenarian on vacation.  The RNC’s absence tally for Biden follows recent reports regarding his work-avoiding attitude in the Oval Office.

Reports show that 18 months after Biden’s election as president, he had spent an unprecedented 150 days at his residence in Delaware.

He was hiding out at Camp David the year before when the fall of Kabul to the Taliban and the massive exodus from the city had been observed worldwide.

Recent reports show that then-Vice President Joe Biden boasted after he left office in 2017 that he had pressured the Ukrainian government to remove its chief prosecutor, Viktor Shokin. In April 2019, John Solomon disclosed the information Biden withheld from his listeners. Because he investigated Joe Biden’s son Hunter, and Burisma, Biden forced Shokin to be removed.

Former Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin, fired in January 2020, filed a formal accusation against Joe Biden for interfering with Ukrainian judicial procedures.

On his trip to Greece, Viktor Shokin was reportedly poisoned with mercury in 2019 after he was fired. In February 2020, Shokin blamed Joe Biden for the poisoning. The poisoning occurred just as Joe Biden was declaring his candidacy for president.

After Devon Archer’s incriminating testimony, a video of Shokin began circulating online. Shokin gave an in-depth interview explaining the investigations of Burisma, the Ukrainian oil business where Hunter had worked.

Shokin said he was convinced that then-Vice President Biden was aware of the investigation’s development because of the intense attention it had received from U.S. intelligence agencies. Shokin stated that he thought Biden had him removed because he was worried about how the probe might damage Biden’s son and those close to him.