Biden’s Nominees Are Quietly Pushing For Radical Changes In Pentagon

For weeks now, Republican Senator Tommy Turberville of Alabama has been blocking the promotions of multiple officers to protest Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s directive to have the Pentagon pay out-of-state travel costs for female troops who are seeking abortions.

And according to the Daily Caller, many of the officers whose promotions are being blocked are known to support far-Left cultural positions and diversity initiatives.

In reviewing public footage, social media posts, and Defense materials, the Daily Caller found that several of the officers have a long history of weighing in on political issues and either supported or headed up DEI initiatives in the military, suggesting that the Biden administration’s aim is to promote officers who embrace radical left-wing positions.

Among the promotions Senator Tuberville is blocking is Biden’s nominee to replace Gen. Mark Milley as Joint Chiefs Chair, Air Force Gen. Charles Q. Brown.

During the Black Lives Matter riots that erupted after the in-custody death of George Floyd, Brown told Air and Space Forces Magazine that he hires “for diversity.”

Last August, Brown issued a memo ordering the Air Force recruitment wing to build a pool of applicants that meet gender and racial quotas as a way to boost diversity.

As Air Force Chief of Staff, Brown commissioned a review of the racial disparity in the Air Force primarily focused on blacks. A second study reviewed the disparities between heterosexual white men and all other ethnicities and gender identities in the Air Force.

The Daily Caller report highlights the radical left positions of several of the officers whose promotions are being blocked.

William Thibeau, the director of the Center for the American Way of Life’s American Military Project, told the Daily Caller that the comments from Biden’s general officer nominees are not just “mere talking points,” but are “instructive” of the defense policy being pursued by this administration.