Biden’s Approval Rating Declines To Record Lows

It seems that Joe Biden just can’t catch a break. His approval ratings continue to plummet each month, reaching an all-time low in November. The latest CNN poll revealed that Biden’s approval rating is a mere 37 percent, the lowest since he took office in January 2021.

The decline in Biden’s popularity has been steady and consistent. In October, his approval rating was 39 percent; in August, it was 39 percent — a stagnate presidency. The numbers don’t lie; they paint a clear picture of a presidency in turmoil.

One of the key factors contributing to Biden’s plummeting approval ratings is the struggling economy. Despite the president’s claims of a booming economy under his leadership, the reality is quite different. The economy remains the top concern among likely voters, with Biden’s approval rating on the economy hitting a dismal 33 percent in November. He has received the second-lowest rating on this issue throughout his presidency.

Biden’s failure to address the needs of the middle class is also taking a toll on his popularity. While “helping the middle class” has been a rallying cry for the Democratic Party, Biden’s approval rating among this group stands at just 35 percent.

So, what can Joe Biden do to turn the tide? Perhaps the first step is to acknowledge the shortcomings of his economic policies. However, this is unlikely to happen, as Biden is reluctant to admit when he’s wrong. Additionally, the Democratic Party’s commitment to its economic approach makes it difficult for Biden to change course.

Biden’s claims of success with his economic agenda, known as Bidenomics, are not resonating with the American people. Despite his persistent promotion of these policies, the facts speak for themselves. Bidenomics has been nothing short of a disaster for everyday Americans.

As the numbers continue to decline, Joe Biden must confront the reality of his presidency. The American people are losing faith in his ability to lead, and his approval ratings are unlikely to improve without a change in direction. Only time will tell if Biden can reverse the course and regain the trust of the people he was elected to serve.