Biden WH Prepares Request For Foreign War Funds

President Biden announced his intention to ask Congress later this week “for an extraordinary support package for Israel’s military” during remarks he delivered in Tel Aviv on Wednesday.

According to various sources, the White House is planning a supplemental funding request containing billions of dollars for Israel, Ukraine, and border security.

After President Biden returns from his trip to Israel later this week, the White House will likely formally submit the request to Congress. A source has claimed that while the specifics of the package aren’t set in stone, it will be for a whole calendar year.

The additional request would also include funding to states in the Indo-Pacific, including Taiwan.

While many Republican members have advocated for a border security measure, a minority of House Republicans have been vocal in their opposition to providing extra help to Ukraine. In the meantime, members of Congress from both parties have said they are willing to help Israel recover from the Hamas strikes.

After more than 1,300 people were killed in terror assaults by Hamas, the militant group that rules Gaza, the White House has recently suggested it will approach Congress with a financial request for help for Israel. Israeli retaliation has killed thousands of Palestinians, and the region’s escalating violence and humanitarian situation is a primary international concern.

Also, the Biden administration has already started lobbying Congress for more money to help Ukraine fight off Russian invaders.

In August, the White House submitted a supplemental financing request asking for $24 billion to provide humanitarian aid, military assistance, and economic support to the Ukrainian government.

Additional funds for border and migration efforts were requested in the same request, amounting to about $4 billion.

The White House has not confirmed whether it will try to get funds for all of these initiatives approved by sending one bill to Congress.