Biden Spread Anti-Trump Rhetoric At Alarming Rate

Through the last several decades, the subjects of race and inequality have taken center stage in the arena of political debate. The word “racist” has been used by politicians and political activists as a tool of slander and defamation against individual opponents and proposed legislation alike. This has resulted in the overuse and diminishment of what was once a consequential word with considerable weight.

The sitting president of the United States has claimed that the biggest threat to America is “white supremacy”. As could be reasonably expected, since the President made this serious claim, there must be an open examination of this assertion. The narrative embraced in the present by the mainstream leftist party of the United States, is that America is an evil country, built only for the benefits of one race at the expense of others and that the values that it was founded on are rotten.

Biden continues to spew lies every time he opens his mouth. Recently, in a weak attempt to show compassion towards the victims of Maui’s devastating wildfires in Hawaii, Biden claimed to have survived a serious house fire in Delaware. In reality, according to law enforcement officials that responded to that event some two decades ago, the fire was minor and completely irrelevant. For Biden to try to equate a small kitchen fire to the reality of people losing their homes and even the lives of loved ones is pathetic.

Despite his incompetence, Biden remains the Democratic frontrunner for the presidential nomination. In recent polls. Biden remains in a near statistical dead heat with the former president Donald Trump in a forecasted hypothetical rematch of the 2020 election. It is truly sad that a massive portion of the American public would continue to support Biden after his horrendous economic and social record as president. Recently, Biden claimed that Trump “supported an insurrection” in an effort to galvanize his base of extreme voters.