Biden Spends Taxpayer Millions Targeting Racism And Masculinity

The Biden administration awarded an organization funded by George Soros $2 million to reduce violence and crime among Puerto Rico’s youth by addressing so-called structural bigotry and toxic masculinities.

Last October, President Joe Biden’s Justice Department (DOJ) awarded a sizable grant to Taller Salud, a feminist, cultural nonprofit organization in Puerto Rico. Community-Based Violence Intervention and Prevention Initiative is a Department of Justice program that provides funding for non-conventional policing strategies.

The Open Society Foundations, which is sponsored by liberal tycoon George Soros, have donated $2 million to Taller Salud to develop its neighborhood violence prevention program, which includes general education campaigns to address racism and the supposed toxic male behavior in young Puerto Rican males.

The report shows the Biden administration has often utilized public monies to further progressive causes overseas. The United States Embassy in Brazil stated in May that it would provide funding for English lessons for transgender activists. 

Biden’s State Department launched a multimillion-dollar initiative to teach gender studies to Iraqis. The administration has also funded foreign podcasts devoted to, in one example, climate change to sway listeners to the left.

The Open Society Foundation is the primary “charitable” organization supported by the Soros family. Soros has spent several hundred million dollars on progressive causes, including a countrywide campaign to elect prosecutors who are less likely to prosecute dangerous offenders, which in turn leads to more crime.

According to a recent analysis by the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund, Soros has supported at least 75 prosecutors around the country who have a history of being sympathetic to criminals. More than $40 million later, the DAs funded by Soros now account for at least 20% of the population.

According to reports nationwide, Soros is causing a considerable disparity in people’s lives by concentrating on strategic local elections.  Electing a single individual who will not enforce laws is far easier than flipping a legislature and amending the law. Prosecutors working with Soros often choose to drop charges, not to pursue cases,  or provide little punishment in exchange for lenient sentences.