Biden Promotes Transgender Teen By Promising Phone Call

During a press conference with reporters worldwide, NPR reporter Laura Barrón-López asked President Joe Biden about a transgender adolescent he had met and supported.

Barrón-López asked Biden about the recent anti-Pride Month policies and anti-Trans laws aimed at teens and children in Red states during Thursday’s joint press conference in the East Room of the White House.

She also inquired what Biden would tell the parents of a transgender adolescent in Texas who she had recently spoken with and who were considering fleeing the nation out of fear. 

After offering to contact them, Biden unleashed a tirade against the “hysterical and prejudiced” Republicans responsible for passing and supporting anti-LGBTQ legislation and policies.

Biden felt vindicated in lifting the prohibition on transgender people serving in the armed forces. Signing the Respect for Marriage Act, he explained, helps to improve the status of LGBT people’s human rights in the United States and across the world.

However, the President stated that the battle is far from finished since it is being fought on many fronts by extraordinarily emotional and biased individuals. He said it’s based on an unwarranted incitement to fear. It’s unfair that a homosexual American may be married in the morning and dismissed from their job in the afternoon for being gay.

Biden gave no examples of anyone being fired because they are gay. Biden has also claimed (like he lives in some bygone era) that people are thrown out of restaurants because they are gay.

Continuing his rant, Biden said it is unacceptable that incidents of violence and bigotry against LGBTQ individuals are on the rise. It’s intolerable that confident lawmakers are trying to pass measures that would criminalize doctors and make it illegal for them to treat transgender youngsters. Biden said that “These are all our children.” He said how we treat one another as a nation matters greatly. 

Biden seems oblivious that the Republican argument is about caring, as well. They do not want children to undergo life-altering procedures to which they cannot consent nor understand fully.