Biden Prepares To Request Additional Billions For Ukraine

President Joe Biden is preparing to request an additional $10 billion in aid to Ukraine, according to Breitbart. The money comes as Ukraine reportedly continues its counter-offensive against Russia. The Department of Defense is writing a proposal to send to Congress to approve, which would include munitions that have since depleted.

While the media claims that the money sent to Ukraine from the United States estimates around $110 billion. In July, seventy Republicans voted to stop funding the Ukrainian war.

A CNN poll reportedly revealed that 55 percent of Americans do not think the U.S. should send any more money, contrasted with 45 percent who believe that the U.S. should continue. 51 percent believe that Americans have done enough to help while 48 percent believe that the country should do more.

Kelley Vlahos, a senior advisor for the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, expressed her view that the sentiment around more Ukrainian aid does not look good for President Biden. She noted that a majority of Americans (more than 50 percent) do not think Biden is handling the Ukrainian war or relations with Russia very well. In addition, nearly 60 percent disapprove of the way he is handling the U.S.-China relationship.

A July 2023 report by the Council on Foreign Relations shows that the U.S. and other Western allies have “played a pivotal role in Ukraine’s defense and counteroffensive against Russia,” suggesting that NATO allies are engaging in a way by proxy. While NATO countries were reportedly hesitant to provide tanks and planes at the beginning of the war, the U.S. has given the okay for its European allies to supply Ukraine with its U.S.-made F-16s.

Among the weapons the Biden administration promised Ukraine are Javelin armored systems, air defense systems, helicopters, artillery, over 100 tanks, hundreds of armored vehicles, 2,000 Humvees, and satellite services.