Biden Keeps Putting His Foot In His Mouth 

( – has reported that Joe Biden continues to say strange things.  

The internet is speaking out in response to recent statements made by Vice President Joseph Biden on the manner in which nurses have cared for his health in the past. 

Video reports revealed Vice President Biden was giving a speech on healthcare in Virginia, and he shared a tale of a nurse whose name was, allegedly, Pearl Nelson. 

According to Biden, she would come to do things he doesn’t believe are taught in nursing school. He said she would bend down and breathe on him to ensure that there was a human connection.  

In a recently updated version, Biden claimed Pearl brought him a pillow from her bedroom for Biden to use. He also claimed she would say things in his ear, but he couldn’t comprehend what she was saying.  

This type of thing shines a beam on Biden’s age, and it occurs when Biden should be actively striving to refute the image that he is way too old to take another shot at the presidency. 

According to a report, the problem is not just about the strange tales that Joe Biden tells. It is also about Biden’s level of mental sharpness. 

A report reveals that President Joe Biden often mistook the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa May, for the late Margaret Thatcher. 

Despite the fact that Democrats already had control of the House, Biden predicted that they would take back the chamber in 2020. 

Video reports show it is difficult for Biden to recall those that work for his administration and the role they serve.

Last July, Biden said he had cancer. He didn’t.  

Biden’s claim that the US would protect Taiwan against an invasion by China has been disavowed by his staff on several occasions. 

According to reports, several surveys have shown that the majority of Americans do not feel that Biden’s mental capacity is good enough to be president.