Biden Judge Released Murderer From Jail

A Biden-appointed judge released a man without bond in December who went on to break into a woman’s hotel room last week and murder her, according to Free Beacon. The violent offender has been identified as George Sydnor Jr. He was reportedly arrested in October for armed robbery. 

The D.C. superior court judge who released him had taken over the case after a previous judge had denied him bail, citing his criminal history. Judge Sean Staples, however, let Sydnor go without bond and had to issue a warrant for his arrest when he missed his arraignment hearing. Republicans were opposed to Staples’ confirmation in January 2021 when he was nominated by Biden, but the Democratic Senate ultimately confirmed him. 

A slew of court documents show that Sydnor has been charged with a host of crimes since 2000, including domestic violence, rape, and armed robbery. Staples’ ruling allowed Sydnor to eventually murder the 31-year-old Christy Bautista last week when he broke into her hotel room and stabbed her 33 times with a kitchen knife. 

Criminals are running rampant in D.C. following the nomination of Democratic judges and lenient policies governing bail. The death of Bautista is one of many attacks in recent months. While in her apartment building elevator, Democratic Rep. Angie Craig was assaulted by a man who was reportedly released to the streets after he robbed a supermarket and assaulted two police officers.  

A staffer for Republican Senator Rand Paul was stabbed in late March after he was released from federal prison for crimes such as pimping and felony threats. His prison sentence would have been 18 years, but he was sentenced to 12 years with five years of supervised release. 

The suspect had reportedly forced his girlfriend and her friend to sell their body and fork over the profit, lest he “beat them bloody.”