Biden Family Whistleblower Vanishes After Mystery Arrest

While former (and perhaps future) President Donald J. Trump has been the most publicized subject of recent witch hunts by our Justice Department, there may be another target under attack which has flown under the radar.

He is an Israeli academic named Gal Luft, who came out to the FBI in 2019 as a whistleblower alleging illegal activity by the Biden family. 

Reports indicate that the FBI did not investigate Luft’s assertions, despite their apparent consistency with (or even corroboration and clarification of) the information on Hunter Biden’s laptop. 

On February 16, Luft was seized at a Cyprus airport on suspicion of several major crimes, including the trafficking of weapons and espionage, while returning to his home in Israel. 

But now Luft seems to have disappeared. 

The world may never hear another damaging testimony about the Biden family’s corrupt activities.

Congressman James Comer (RKY 1st District) is on the hunt for Gal Luft, but he may be on the run due to President Biden’s son Hunter, who is under multiple investigations.

In March, a journalist for the New York Post said that the American ambassador to Cyprus was exerting pressure to keep Luft in prison. Julie Fisher, the new American ambassador to Cyprus, has met twice with the country’s foreign minister and minister of defense. 

His attorney has stated that President Biden punishes Mr. Luft for helping the FBI by ignoring his dual citizenship.

Mr. Luft claims the DOJ is trying to silence him after his detention to shield Joe, Jim, and Hunter Biden. 

Mr. Comer and Senator Grassley have launched an investigation to uncover any international influence-peddling activities concealed by Hunter Biden or his father. 

On March 29, Cyprus police discovered Luft’s car abandoned along the border of Turkish-occupied Cyprus, which is an anomaly in the international arena. 

Even if Mr. Luft attempted to leave from either of the island’s two airports, authorities might have taken his passports while deciding whether to extradite him to the United States.

Stay tuned.