Bay Area Billionaire’s Daughter Goes Missing, Hunt Underway

According to the police, who are searching for a billionaire’s daughter, the non-binary heiress Mint Butterfield, who has gone missing, has made suicide threats in the past.

On Thursday, the Marin County Sheriff’s Office said that they are still searching the Bay Area for the 16-year-old, who is thought to have willingly left her home in San Francisco.

The hunt for missing nonbinary adolescent Mint Butterfield has continued in California.

The parents reported the 16-year-old as missing on Monday, April 22. A press statement from the Marin County Sheriff’s Office dated April 25 states that the last known sighting of the teen was in their house in Bolinas, California, a community about 30 miles from San Francisco, at about 10 p.m. on Sunday, April 21.

Mint was reported missing by their mother, Caterina Fake. The last time Fake saw her daughter was in their Bolinas house, at 2200 hours on April 21st.The following day, Fake saw that Mint wasn’t home. To her surprise, she found a letter that said Mint had left the house with a bag at some unspecified hour in the middle of the night or early hours of the morning. Since Mint did not have a car or a phone, how they departed the region is unknown.

According to the sheriff’s office, no information supports the belief that Butterfield was taken against their will. They have characterized it as a youngster who has gone missing voluntarily and is deemed to be “at-risk” due to a history of suicidal thoughts.

Butterfield and Fake both live in San Francisco, according to the release. Fake has hinted that Butterfield could have departed for the city’s Tenderloin District.

Mint was last seen wearing a black sweater, flannel pajama trousers, and black boots. The sheriff’s office suggests that he may be carrying gray luggage. They have pierced eyebrows, weigh about 100 pounds, and have wavy hair with brown and red highlights. Their height is around five feet.

It was said that Mint had been hiding out in San Francisco’s infamously violent Tenderloin district due to his drug addiction problems.

A relative or friend of the child’s posted on Facebook that on April 23, they saw the adolescent at Larkspur Landing, a seaside town north of San Francisco.