Asylum Seeker Attacked Woman In Park Just Weeks After Arrival

A woman was physically violated in a coastal town park by an asylum seeker who had only been in the UK for 40 days, according to court documents.

The 34-year-old Skegness resident Saad Gomaa is accused of raping a lady in a park after he informed her that he was illegal.

It is said that Gomaa assaulted the woman after she strayed into Skegness’s Tower Gardens in the dark. That evening, he was taken into custody in a pub within the Lincolnshire resort.

Gomaa claimed France as his homeland when pressed for his national identity.

According to the lawyer, the defendant verified his identity and provided the specifics of his lodging facility.

Egyptian citizen Gomaa came to the UK at the end of April with 70 other immigrants. After four years in Italy, Gomaa spent around ten days in France before confirming he had never been to the UK.

According to Gomaa, he spent four months in Egypt in August of last year with his wife and son.

He was sent to Skegness after spending two days in Dover under police investigation.

Gomaa told the court he had taken a train to the town earlier that day and claimed he had consensual contact with the victim.

According to Lincoln Crown Court, the woman had gone to the garden to pee after drinking an entire bottle of vodka because she had been refused entry to a nightclub.

The woman told the police that Gomaa had appeared out of nowhere. She recalled that the man was on the ground sitting beside her, and he wasn’t English.

They attempted to strike up a discussion, and she wanted to know whether he was there lawfully. He told her he was an illegal migrant.

She told the court she was trying to be pleasant but told Gomaa that she did not want any physical activity. He handed her a small container of liquid, then kissed her and attacked her. She was unable to defend herself.

Gomaa denied the incident.

The United Kingdom, Germany, and Sweden are among the numerous migratory countries that have seen a spike in sexual offenses, including rape, perpetrated upon white females of all ages.